Network Box Thailand Introduces – Security3

Network Box Managed Security Service – Three Levels of Superior Security

One of the most misunderstood things about Network Box Managed Security Service is that it is a piece of hardware. Prospective clients often try to compare “our nuts and bolts” with “their nuts and bolts”.  First and foremost Network Box is a front to back, top to bottom service, and… “Oh, by the way we add this box into your network to make things work.”

That is where Security3 or “Security-cubed” comes in. Some companies sell you a box, you plug it in, you configure it, you manage it, you pay for it if it breaks, you buy a new one when you outgrow it. You bought it you own it.

At Network Box we are right with you from before day one. We analyze your needs and advise options. We choose the right equipment for your network, we  configure and install the service. And finally we are there 24/7 to keep things running smoothly. Equipment failure – we replace or repair – you don’t. Network down – we will know before you do and tell you about it, probable causes and most likely fixes. Your needs change – you tell us – we change it.

What this means to you is that your IT department is freed up to do the things they do best; keeping the physical assets of your network fine tuned and running smoothly without worrying about who “out there” is trying to get in to ruin your day. To boot, you have a team of world class, award winning security experts who do nothing but watch out for your network.

Security3 Features –

  • First of the three levels of Security3  is Security Operation Center or SOC – This is the live, 24/7/365 component that scours the internet for threats, watches over your network and pushes updates of new security threats to your Network Box in real time.
  • Second is – Network Operation Center or NOC – This is the local part, in Bangkok; of Security3 providing services locally. Beginning with customized security consulting and advice, then configuration and set-up. Additionally the NOC handles Change Management Control, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, equipment service, ongoing notifications and reporting.
  • The final part is – Client Premises Equipment, CPE – this is the actual hardware and software that delivers the “magic” and performs the millions of daily checks and monitor actions that make up the unequaled security service that is Network Box. We own it, we select it, we configure it, we fix it and we replace it when it breaks.

You get painless, worry free network security for little more than the price of your average UTM.

Give Network Box a test drive today – contact us for a free no-obligation security analysis of your computer network.

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