Managed Security Service – OR… DIY?

I recently had occasion to hear a presentation by Home Pro, Thailand’s home improvement store chain. Surprisingly, over 70% of their sales at are not do it yourselfers – DIY’s – but to BIY’s, buy it yourselfers. BIY’s, buy the items and then hire someone to do the installation. Then I did some research and that number is only slightly lower in the US – where I thought the number of people who did their own work would be much, much higher.

So what does this have to do with computer network security? Well, it has to do with time, focus and expertise. People are not much different with their homes than they are with their businesses. Some do everything themselves, why? Maybe they are good at what they do. Maybe they like to do their own home improvements. Maybe they have the time. They probably have the right tools. Many probably try to save money. Others do their homework, pick the colors, materials and all the trim – then hire experts to install and make it just so.

Your computer network security isn’t different either. You can do it all in-house because you have good experienced people, they have plenty of time to devote to security everyday, you bought all the right equipment, you bought the best firewall, anti-virus and content filter software and finally you are confident your people will do the best job. OR – you can do a little homework, learn your needs and then hire the best experts to do the installation, configurations and make everything just so – and then keep it running just so for you every day.

Here are a few points from both sides, for DIY computer network security and some of the things to consider on the down side.

Pros – of outsourcing –

  • 24/7/365 attention to your network
  • Single focus expert team
  • Limited cash outlay
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Adjust easily to growth

Cons – of outsourcing –

  • Language could be an issue (Network Box Thailand is English language based but we have Thai tech support is available anytime)
  • The security company can access your network (Network Box is trusted by numerous banks, governments and international companies)
  • IT company stability (Network Box has been in business for over 10 years and is financially strong)
  • Long term higher costs (Ask how Network Box Thailand can provide long term cost protection)

Some more things to consider when thinking of computer network security…

  • How well equipped are you to keep up with minute by minute threats?
  • What amount of time do your people need to devote to monitoring and maintenance?
  • How important is providing a high level of selective content filtering?
  • What are the consequences to your organization if data is stolen?
  • How well does your system manage change control?
  • What are consequences of users accessing improper internet sites or data?
  • What level of compliance is required in your organization? Government jurisdiction?
  • How would extending organizational policy to remote users affect your network?
  • What budget is necessary to be effective?
  • How experienced are your people and how much of their time is focused on security?
  • How willing are you to put your organization’s reputation on the line?
  • What additional equipment or software is necessary to reach your goals?

If you have questions about your security, please contact us. Our goal we want to work with you to identify needs and then offer solutions – even if those solutions are not from our company. Network Box and our other products are not a fit for every company or organization and we’ll be glad to point you in other directions if we’re not right.

From the far side of Bangkok – Vic Rollins


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