Data Leakage Protection – Interest on the Rise

12 months ago¬† a group of IT managers when surveyed about how important data leakage protection was to their organization, 16% said it was “very important”. When surveyed again this month, over 90% of them said it was very important. Why such a massive swing in interest?

Probably a lot has to do with what’s in the news, Wikileaks for example. Additionally the technology to block transmission of confidential files is becoming available and more reliable. Plus almost anyone who has ever used a computer in business has accidentally sent a wrong file to someone so we can all identify with the need to protect sensitive files. DLP protects against deliberate as well as accidental transmission of confidential files.

The Network Box information paper available for downloading, DLP Overview; details how any Network Box can help any customer  define organizational rules that what can go out of the network. The technology Рusing an advanced OCR process even prevents photographs of restricted documents from leaving the network. Even a rubber stamp on a scanned document can be flagged and stopped.

If keeping your confidential documents confidential is important to your organization, let us show you how Network Box can protect them all threats – even accidental ones.

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