Data Leakage and my Visit to Network Box

Visting the marketing directors at Network Box - Esker (L) & Meki

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to visit with Meki Sin and Esker Li, marketing directors at Network Box corporate headquarters in Hong Kong. Recently Esker and Miki planned and then worked a four day computer products exhibition in Hong Kong meeting and talking with over 200 potential Network Box customers. Check out their pictures from the Hong Kong ICT Expo on Facebook, here.

One of the big topics of interest to me during my visit and for visitors to the trade fair was the addition of DLP+ or Data Leakage Prevention to the family of Network Box protection products. Think of the consequences if one of your competitors had full access to your customer database. Or, what if someone emailed your company’s cost prices to all of your customers, even accidentally? Are your company private files vulnerable to theft or unauthorized transmission? In any case, prevention may be way better than the cure.

See the full Network Box press release on DLP+ here.

If you would like a free assessment of how secure your company data is and how protected you are from the threats of the Internet, drop me an email here or give me a call, +66 (0)85 248 8769.

Take care – so long from Hong Kong – Vic Rollins

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