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How do I manage a tire sourcing project?

TireTracksI have been living and working in Thailand for the last seven years always in the tire and rubber business. For the past three years we have been working on tire projects for custom and vintage cars and motorcycles. We started from scratch, designed tires, made molds and now, production and shipping tires.

These projects have brought us into close relationships with several tire factories in Thailand, some are expanding production and seeking to extend their markets. Additionally, we have solid relationships with factories around the region, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Recently we registered our company here and are now in position to expand our business and help other companies source tires from the region. We are looking for regional tire distributors, larger tire retailers, sales representatives calling on tire buyers and fleet managers – government or corporate.

So, to answer the question… let Auburn Asia Co., Ltd. Thailand help you manage your tire sourcing project. What we do…

  • Needs assessment and placement with the right factory
  • Detailed project planning
  • Advice and research on regulatory requirements
  • Testing and prototyping development
  • Access to experts in all facets of tire manufacturing
  • Full contact with the manufacturer
  • Order management and planning
  • Full logistics management
  • Complete ‘off the shelf’ lines of PCR, LTR, TBR, bias … all categories
  • Private labeling of full lines, segments or even single tires
  • Product development of any tires to fill specific needs

Give me a call – send an email, I’d love to hear about your business – contact.

All the best – Vic

Email: vicrollins@ashton-asia.com
Skype: vrollins
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Muddy water takin’ back the land

Mary, take the baby, river’s risin’
That muddy water’s takin’ back the land
This old frame house won’t take one more beating
Ain’t no time to stay and make a stand

Opening lines of an old Seldom Scene song written about Hurricane Agnes that roared up the the East Coast of America back in ’72 and spent six days dumping historical amounts of rain from the Florida panhandle to Upstate New York. Pittsburgh was under water as were The Great Falls of the Potomac just north of DC. Agnes came and went in a few days, the water cleared in a few more days. The damage was repaired.

The Thailand floods of 2011 are lingering and creeping in. Already some folks have been under water for going on two months and it looks like it will be more weeks until they are dry again. Those few in Bangkok who are dry now face a slow tide of water. Each hour another soi succumbs, each day – another moobaan.

Some friends and I went on a bike ride and saw first hand how it is progressing. Thai people are taking it in stride. They are helping each other and for the most part getting along. A few are tearing down dykes that are keeping the water in their neighborhoods, a few are taking advantage by raising prices and a still smaller few are stealing and looting. All in all the good folks outweigh the bad.

Thailand will repair the damage and Thai people will survive and thrive but I think it’s going to take a little longer than it did the folks who had to deal with Agnes.

From the far – and so far dry – side of Bangkok – Vic Rollins

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Thailand Floods in the Old Days – David Lyman

Click the photo for some more oldtimers stories of Bangkok floods

This is just a great commentary on the floods and governments of today and a little nostalgia for the more simple days past.

Floods in the old days were much more fun – David Lyman, The Nation 29 October 2011

Hopin’ and tryin’ we’ll keep dry on the far side of Bangkok (on my way back tonight) – Vic



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Thailand’s Worst Flooding in 50 Years

Thailand Flooding - Denver Post USA

An under construction temple outside Ayutthaya

28 October 2011 – Bangkok is surrounded. Surrounded by politicians all clamoring for credit and running from blame. They are crying, they are shouting and they are paddling. The cartoonists and the op-ed writers are having a field day. $1,000 boots and who is in charge. The only certainty is that millions of Thais and quite a few farangs are being hurt both physically and in the pocket. The toll from the floods of 2011 will be historic. It is a sad day in Thailand.

The last five days have been wait and see for central Bangkok. Most of us in the city west of Suvarnabhumi airport, south of a line from Lat Khrabang to Chatuchak Market and east of the Chao Phraya have been lucky we have not seen water…yet. It is coming,probably over the weekend when the tide is the highest. Stores are building walls or piling sandbags. In my house, I moved everything to the second floor or put it up as high as I could sealed the front door shut and headed for the hills until it’s over. Yeah, I’m lucky; I have somewhere to go and like a million or so Bangkok residents have the means to do it. Many millions more do not. I feel sorry for them.

Many days to go. Estimates are that it will take 40 days or more for the water up country to empty out into the Gulf of Thailand and levels to return to normal. It will be many times 40 days for life to return to normal for much of Thailand. – May you live in interesting times. – Well, this is it.

Let’s be careful out there!

Vic Rollins – at the Mochit Bus Station on my way to Mae Sai


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Steve Jobs

The news of the death of Steve Jobs came as a bit of a surprise until I thought about it for a minute or two. Only a few weeks before he had stepped down as the day to day leader of Apple. I guess he knew his time was growing short.

It has been interesting to read about his life and how he and Woz built Apple, how he was down and how he came back and brought Apple back with a vengeance. His perfectionism but also knowing when to say, “OK it’s as good as it can be and we need to sell some”.

He taught me to be a better presenter, to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and to use simple bold slides. Thankfully he’ll live on for us on YouTube. His persistance was impressive, he knew what was right and he insisted on it.

Thanks Steve, mostly for your products – I’m an Apple devotee – but also for your style, flair and persistance, sorry to see you go.

Vic Rollins – from the far side of Bangkok

The Man Who Inspired Steve Jobs

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Sometimes a Little Disappointment is a Good Thing…

While planning for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong I wanted to include a meeting of the international networking group that I am a member. Since I do not speak Chinese I was somewhat disappointed to learn the only English-speaking chapter meeting while I was in town was having a “closed door” meeting that day, visitors could not attend.

Fortunately someone at the group’s head office in Hong Kong intercepted my email and asked if I would like to visit one of the Cantonese speaking groups? My answer, “sure but, I don’t speak Chinese”. The answer, “Don’t worry, come anyway.” The payoff?… a fun and upbeat meeting with a whole bunch of interesting people doing business in Hong Kong – exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you to Jeanne Wong, Georgina Shek and Janice Chan for the warm welcomes and introductions around the room. Thanks to Tak and Samuel for the in-meeting translations – keeping me on track.

Who knows, one of these new friends could turn out to be a business partner or I may be able to play a small part in sending business to one of them. Whatever the turnout – making friends and meeting new people is what networking is all about.

So… the next time you are faced with a small disappointment – go with it – it will probably turn out better than you expected.

From Hong Kong, for now… Vic

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My Third New Year for 2011

Songkran fun

It is Songkran in Thailand – the Thai New Year. What’s not to like? Almost a week off work, hot weather returns to Bangkok, tons of great food, throwing water on each other and the third New Year we’ve had since traditional New Years Day on January 1 followed by Chinese New Year in early February and now Songkran in mid-April. What a great place to be.

What was once only a special and somewhat personal ritual between friends and family, Songkran has somehow morphed into a countrywide water fight involving 60 million people. The original tradition still carried out in many homes and all temples is cleansing of the Buddha images with scented water from silver bowls. The rite was also done as a sign of respect and thanks from younger to older family and friends.

Today the entire country engages in throwing, spraying, shooting and dumping large quantities of water over one another, young and old. Some battles can be quite heated and most sois (smaller streets) turn into gauntlets of drenching fun. The downside is that the fun also means carelessness, drunkenness and dangerous driving.

So I’ll stay off the roads, enjoy the fun and water on our soi and get a third shot at all those New Years resolutions.

All the best… Vic

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Just Thinkin’

I’m just starting to learn WordPress and it is pretty cool. Still a lot to learn and still a lot to decide exactly how to use the site. Fortunately, I don’t have many – or any – followers so I can kind of play with it and make it a work in progress.

The first thing is I’m going to remake the pages and design to tell what ashton-asia is and what we do. So on that note, I’m going to get going on learning and doing. So, bear with me while I sort it out see what I can make of it.

All the best, Vic

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