Thailand’s Worst Flooding in 50 Years

Thailand Flooding - Denver Post USA

An under construction temple outside Ayutthaya

28 October 2011 – Bangkok is surrounded. Surrounded by politicians all clamoring for credit and running from blame. They are crying, they are shouting and they are paddling. The cartoonists and the op-ed writers are having a field day. $1,000 boots and who is in charge. The only certainty is that millions of Thais and quite a few farangs are being hurt both physically and in the pocket. The toll from the floods of 2011 will be historic. It is a sad day in Thailand.

The last five days have been wait and see for central Bangkok. Most of us in the city west of Suvarnabhumi airport, south of a line from Lat Khrabang to Chatuchak┬áMarket and east of the Chao Phraya have been lucky we have not seen water…yet. It is coming,probably over the weekend when the tide is the highest. Stores are building walls or piling sandbags. In my house, I moved everything to the second floor or put it up as high as I could sealed the front door shut and headed for the hills until it’s over. Yeah, I’m lucky; I have somewhere to go and like a million or so Bangkok residents have the means to do it. Many millions more do not. I feel sorry for them.

Many days to go. Estimates are that it will take 40 days or more for the water up country to empty out into the Gulf of Thailand and levels to return to normal. It will be many times 40 days for life to return to normal for much of Thailand. – May you live in interesting times. – Well, this is it.

Let’s be careful out there!

Vic Rollins – at the Mochit Bus Station on my way to Mae Sai


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