Muddy water takin’ back the land

Mary, take the baby, river’s risin’
That muddy water’s takin’ back the land
This old frame house won’t take one more beating
Ain’t no time to stay and make a stand

Opening lines of an old Seldom Scene song written about¬†Hurricane Agnes that roared up the the East Coast of America back in ’72 and spent six days dumping historical amounts of rain from the Florida panhandle to Upstate New York. Pittsburgh was under water as were The Great Falls of the Potomac just north of DC. Agnes came and went in a few days, the water cleared in a few more days. The damage was repaired.

The Thailand floods of 2011 are lingering and creeping in. Already some folks have been under water for going on two months and it looks like it will be more weeks until they are dry again. Those few in Bangkok who are dry now face a slow tide of water. Each hour another soi succumbs, each day Рanother moobaan.

Some friends and I went on a bike ride and saw first hand how it is progressing. Thai people are taking it in stride. They are helping each other and for the most part getting along. A few are tearing down dykes that are keeping the water in their neighborhoods, a few are taking advantage by raising prices and a still smaller few are stealing and looting. All in all the good folks outweigh the bad.

Thailand will repair the damage and Thai people will survive and thrive but I think it’s going to take a little longer than it did the folks who had to deal with Agnes.

From the far – and so far dry – side of Bangkok – Vic Rollins

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